Black Beauty has a NEW Best In Breed!

Since the 1930’s, Black Beauty has been the industry leader in coal slag and other abrasive media for your surface preparation needs. As the market evolves so do Black Beauty products, providing greater innovation, upcycling, and continuing the tradition of providing reliable surface prep solutions. However, sometimes there’s a significant evolution in the development of new products, which is exactly why Black Beauty needed to introduce a new product line to differentiate from existing results. Black Beauty is proud to announce SURE/CUT, which has taken surface preparation to a new and more aggressive level!
With SURE/CUT you’re getting higher levels of productivity including lower consumption, faster surface preparation, at a lower total cost of the job! For those customers looking to outperform their current experience with abrasive media SURE/CUT stands alone as the superior choice!
SURE/CUT: Cutting Through the Competition!