Get to know the latest abrasive innovation 

As an industry leader in coal slag and other abrasive media since the 1930s, Harsco Environmental has expanded its line to include environmentally-friendly blasting products – Sure/Cut™ Abrasives to join their abrasives family alongside the original Black Beauty™.

Sure/Cut™ is cutting through the competition as the next generation of environmentally friendly abrasive materials. Unlike other abrasive materials, Sure/Cut™ provides the best-in-class productivity results to the blaster. On top of providing the best cutting product on the market, it also increases productivity on the job, just like Black Beauty™. Are you ready for Sure/Cut™? 

Let’s go green with abrasives 

After years of research, development and testing, the Sure/Cut™ line – Sure/Cut Velocity™ and Sure/Cut Edge™ – was formed to continue breaking barriers while protecting the environment and workers. After years as an industry leader, the makers of Black Beauty™ introduce a new best in the breed and it’s green. As the market has evolved and more consumers turn to environmentally friendly options, Sure/Cut™ was developed. This new product line, featuring Sure/Cut Edge™ and Sure/Cut Velocity™ are held to the highest standards of health and safety for the user. 

It’s no longer about just meeting environmental standards but surpassing them. 

Sure/Cut Edge™ versus Sure/Cut Velocity™: Which one is right for you?

Not only is Sure/Cut™ environmentally friendly but it also saves time and money. Both Sure/Cut Edge™ and Sure/Cut Velocity™ provide the best in cleaning rate, consumption rate and cost per square foot. No matter where you are or what you are blasting Black Beauty and Sure/Cut Abrasives are ready and available to get the job done!

What determines which Sure/Cut Abrasive is right for you?

Sure/Cut Edge™ is an enhanced nickel abrasive material that has low free silica, low dusting, and no embedment. Unlike competitors, Sure/Cut Edge™ has a cleaner substrate surface and an increase in usage cost savings. This line would suit those in:

  • Shipbuilding or marine operations
  • Pipelines – both new and maintenance
  • Bridge construction and repair 
  • Water and wastewater structures
  • Offshore coasting
  • Chemical plants
  • New steel
  • Railcar restoration

Sure/Cut Edge™ product is available in medium (4.5 – 5.5 mil), fine (3.5 – 4.5 mil) and extra fine (2.0 – 3.25 mil) grade.

On the other hand, Sure/Cut Velocity™ is a NEW, enhanced, calcium-iron silicate and abrasive media. It’s low-free silica, environmentally friendly, and has a superior cutting capability while providing a lower consumption rate. Nothing cuts faster than Velocity!  

In addition, to the above, Sure/Cut Velocity™ provides abrasive innovations to:

  • New steel
  • Heavy rusted and medium thickness coatings
  • Powder coatings
  • Public utilities 
  • Dustless blasting 
  • Vapor Blasting

Sure/Cut Velocity™ product grades come in fine (3.5 – 4.25 mil) or extra-fine (2.0 – 3.25 mil).

Are you ready to change to an environmentally friendly abrasive? Don’t hesitate – Sure/Cut™ is available today. Call 1-888-733-3646 to cut through your competition.